Future life of our little ones under this pandemic conditions

You are currently viewing Future life of our little ones under this pandemic conditions

The latest drastic virus disease Covid is a very dangerous pandemic situation. It effects not only the existing human breed but also our little ones born while this phase.

The initial 3 months of a baby birth is very crucial. They have to be touched, held, spoken to, smiled at, played with and with these they get neural connections. It’s the time of their brain growth and the interactions between the babies & their caretakers are vital. If the caretaker is disturbed or depressed then they will be unable to give proper attention and lack of these interactions leads to an improper brain growth for infants & can affect their knowledge.

How the infants get affected ?

During these pandemic situations , the human breed is completely affected with emotional, financial and other crisis. Also there are many restrictions  imposed on the society and the interactions are thus limited. It affects the infants a lot at their initial brain development.

This is not a mild issue to take it silly. The current issues affects the kids a lot in their future life. It is thus a serious case to be considered..

How to resolve?

  • Families with young children must be taken care of and must get special attention financially & emotionally.
  • Acquaintances must be more energetic & creative at this point of situation.
  • Parents & caretakers must be considered specially and must provide awareness.
  • Early intervention program must be arranged for children from birth to 3 years of age. 
  • Government ,communities and individuals must equally play a role to eradicate this issue.

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