Nutrition is a critical judging factor of your health & development. If you are having  a diet plan for weight loss and there is no proper balanced diet maintained, then certain diseases may occur. Under molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics theories the body needed some basic nutrients like Macronutrients (like Carbohydrates, Proteins Fats, Water), Micronutrients (Minerals, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Selenium), Vitamins and Antioxidants. Adequate nutrition yields productivity in the body.

Food intake may not be sometimes enough to complete the body nutrient requirements. Some may have to take extra nutrient consumption to have a healthier state.

A healthy community is our main focus. To raise a healthier community we supply the best-needed products.

Preventions are better than Cure,
But Cure is essential when we Endure.
We are here to cure you with our Nutrition Products.

Protein Powder

Protein Powders

Protein powders are the powdered forms of protein from plants eggs, or milk with added sugars, artificial flavoring, thickeners, vitamins, and minerals that gives more protein to your health. People consume them to increase their protein level and gain energy. We sell a wide variety of branded protein powders for our clients.


Nutrition Drinks

The fast effective nutrient boosters are always the Nutrition drinks. With a large number of vitamins and minerals, they can be shakes, formulas, e.t.c but do not replace whole meals but can add to your nutrient content. From the wide brands of nutrition drinks, choose the needed product as per your body requirement.

Diabetes care nutrition products

Diabetes Care Nutrition Products

Diabetic is a critical disease that can lead to many other serious health issues. Thus it must be given special care and the diabetic patients must be given special attention. With a slow-release energy system, blood glucose levels are maintained and support weight is managed. Get our specialized products and regularise your lifestyle and health style.



Honeybees produce Honey the syrupy thick, sweet fluid which is a sweetener in food and also as remedies and medical factor. With High nutrient & antioxidant content they are better for blood sugar compared to normal sugar, kill bacteria & fungi improve heart health, enhance burn & wound healing, reduce coughing, and are easy to include in dietary. We collect the best quality Honey and serve you.


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We take care of your medical & health needs and stand as a leading Pharmacy available at your doorsteps. With our accurate, authoritative & trustworthy performances we are confident to serve you with the best medicines effectively and safely.A proper medical support is always required to maintain your health. Not only adequate medical care services serves you but also adequate availability of medical items is an important requirement.
That is where you need us. We, 5MP PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED ,provides a wide range of medicines and health care products including health care devices, baby care, women care, personal care, sexual wellness ,health & nutritional products and veterinary medicines in the comfort of your home. You have to give us a call or send in your prescription and get all your medical requirements including covid essentials at affordable prices. With regular follow up and timely reminders we meet our customer demands as a one stop shopping experience.

Covid Essentials: Covid Test Kit|Mask|Oximeter|Gloves|Sanitizer|Handwash.
Health Care:Oral Care| Pain Relief|Eye&Ear Care| Elderly Care.
Personal Care: Skincare Products: Sunscreen| Moistures| Cold Cream| Vanishing Cream| Face Wash, Scrubs| Body Wash| Body Oils| Deodrant| Talcum Powder
Sanitary Pads| Petroleum Jelly| Men’s Grooming Items|Sexual Wellness
Immunity Boosters: Vitamin tablets| Vaporubs| Honey
Healthcare Devices: BP Monitors| Glucose Monitors/Glucometer| Thermometers|Pregnancy Test Cards| inhalers
Nutritions: Protein powders| Nutrition Drinks| Diabetes Care & Nutrition Powder
Baby Care/Mother Care: Infant Formula|Diapers|Wipes|Baby Nutrition Powders| Baby Oils|Creams|Soaps| Toothbrushs
Women Care: Hair Removal cream|Wax|Menstrual Cups|Other Beauty Products
Veterinary Care: Medicines |Nutrition

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Our mission is to meet our customer demands for new items as being a one-stop shopping experience.