Personal care is a primary and plenteous task. It includes even your basic routines like bathing, showering, applying creams and lotions, dressing & toileting, and extending to the continence management and general laundry. Our each client personal is very precious and thus we give perfect precision. We are one of the best Personal care suppliers that look after your likes, dislikes and get you the best product as per your comfort.

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Personal Care suppliers

Skin Care

Skin reflects your health status. Pampering yourself and your skin is a major necessity. Always check out some time for yourself. Protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreens. Avoid smoking and follow a healthy diet. Initial care must be given to your face skin as it is the most revealing part of your body. Face wash & scrubs can give proper care. Overall body skin must also be given special care by using moisturizers, cold creams, vanishing creams, and deep care must be given with the usage of body wash, body oils, deodorants, talcum powders e.t.c. Stress must be managed correctly to reduce skin issues as proper skincare is a part of your hygiene and health. Our best quality sunscreens, moisturizer, cold cream, vanishing cream, face wash, scrubs, body wash, body oils, deodorant, talcum powder can give you the best care for your skin.

Personal Care Suppliers

Petroleum jelly

A semi-solid jelly-like substance with the mixture of mineral oils and waxes mainly to heal wounds and burns and protect skin with a water-protective barrier thus healing and retaining moisture. As it is an inexpensive task it is the best way to give your skin adequate nurture. The proper usage of petroleum jellies can smoothen & soften your skin. It can protect your skin from the cold weather by locking the moisture, also helps protect against minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. We work hard to opt-out best products for you.

Men Grooming

Men's Grooming Items

Earlier men’s grooming was not given seriously considered. Men for their care may sometimes utilize female products. But time has changed and men have realized the special need they must practice for their grooming. The groomed look is always special and stunning. We take care special care of you and have organized the best quality product for your physical personality.

Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness

Talking about health conditions many miss out or take it silly to talk about sexual wellness. But the serious part is that a person’s mental & physical state is interrelated with sexual status. Less social engagements & more responsibilities reduce your sex temptations and thus affects your mental & physical health. For perfect sexual wellness, maintain Body comfort, Communication ability, and flexibility. If you need advice, consult an expert. Many external products, which will add to the necessity of sexual wellness including lubricants, fertility kits, condoms, and Pregnancy kits of high-quality brands are readily available with us.

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We take care of your medical & health needs and stand as a leading Pharmacy available at your doorsteps. With our accurate, authoritative & trustworthy performances we are confident to serve you with the best medicines effectively and safely.A proper medical support is always required to maintain your health. Not only adequate medical care services serves you but also adequate availability of medical items is an important requirement.
That is where you need us. We, 5MP PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED ,provides a wide range of medicines and health care products including health care devices, baby care, women care, personal care, sexual wellness ,health & nutritional products and veterinary medicines in the comfort of your home. You have to give us a call or send in your prescription and get all your medical requirements including covid essentials at affordable prices. With regular follow up and timely reminders we meet our customer demands as a one stop shopping experience.

Covid Essentials: Covid Test Kit|Mask|Oximeter|Gloves|Sanitizer|Handwash.
Health Care:Oral Care| Pain Relief|Eye&Ear Care| Elderly Care.
Personal Care: Skincare Products: Sunscreen| Moistures| Cold Cream| Vanishing Cream| Face Wash, Scrubs| Body Wash| Body Oils| Deodrant| Talcum Powder
Sanitary Pads| Petroleum Jelly| Men’s Grooming Items|Sexual Wellness
Immunity Boosters: Vitamin tablets| Vaporubs| Honey
Healthcare Devices: BP Monitors| Glucose Monitors/Glucometer| Thermometers|Pregnancy Test Cards| inhalers
Nutritions: Protein powders| Nutrition Drinks| Diabetes Care & Nutrition Powder
Baby Care/Mother Care: Infant Formula|Diapers|Wipes|Baby Nutrition Powders| Baby Oils|Creams|Soaps| Toothbrushs
Women Care: Hair Removal cream|Wax|Menstrual Cups|Other Beauty Products
Veterinary Care: Medicines |Nutrition

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