Women are physically weaker compared to the physical strength of men. Health care for women is very important as the women today are equally hardworking, committed and strong willed to stand in their own feet. Thus, special care & special attention is necessary for the physical as well as mental wellness of women.
All their needs are our necessities. All their requirements are our demands too.
As our team values commitments to the community, we prepare and get all your medical requirements at the best and first quality.

Preventions are better than Cure,
But Cure is essential when we Endure.
We are here to cure you with our Women Care Products.

Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkins

Menstruation is now an open topic that is aware to all. Even though women are now keener about their health & hygiene there are still a large number of people who ignore menstrual hygiene practices taking it silly and these, poor menstrual practices affect education and health outcomes of young adolescent girls and many women. For a hygienic menstrual period to avoid rashes, urinary tract infections (UTI), and bacterial vaginosis we must take it seriously to use proper best quality sanitary pads. There is a wide variety of sanitary napkins based on shapes, sizes, absorption capacities, and features like, ultra-thin, ultra-long, with or without wings, fragrant napkins, antibacterial materials, overnight protection, biodegradable pads, etc. Choose your requirement from our fine quality stock.

Hair removal creams

Hair Removal Creams, Wax

Getting a premium smooth look and feel, for your skin is a good option. Among all the procedures of hair removal like waxing, sugaring, lasers, and shaving; we opt for Hair removal creams containing Aloe Vera, Lotus Milk, thioglycolic acid, and many vitamins as they are pain-free. But the best quality product must be used as they can cause some side effects like rashes,skin-burn. Perceive the required area of hair removal and use our best-quality products.

Additional Cosmetics

Additional Cosmetics

Altering your appearance the way you like is a magical step. Considering its high value, it must be done with keen importance only. Beauty products include a wide variety of brands in beautifying face, lips, eyes, nails,e.t.c. There may be fragrance perfumes and makeup kits to enhance your beauty or to alter the way you want to appear as it increases your confidence and boosts your lookup to your satisfaction. We serve you with fine-quality products.

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We take care of your medical & health needs and stand as a leading Pharmacy available at your doorsteps. With our accurate, authoritative & trustworthy performances we are confident to serve you with the best medicines effectively and safely.A proper medical support is always required to maintain your health. Not only adequate medical care services serves you but also adequate availability of medical items is an important requirement.
That is where you need us. We, 5MP PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED ,provides a wide range of medicines and health care products including health care devices, baby care, women care, personal care, sexual wellness ,health & nutritional products and veterinary medicines in the comfort of your home. You have to give us a call or send in your prescription and get all your medical requirements including covid essentials at affordable prices. With regular follow up and timely reminders we meet our customer demands as a one stop shopping experience.

Covid Essentials: Covid Test Kit|Mask|Oximeter|Gloves|Sanitizer|Handwash.
Health Care:Oral Care| Pain Relief|Eye&Ear Care| Elderly Care.
Personal Care: Skincare Products: Sunscreen| Moistures| Cold Cream| Vanishing Cream| Face Wash, Scrubs| Body Wash| Body Oils| Deodrant| Talcum Powder
Sanitary Pads| Petroleum Jelly| Men’s Grooming Items|Sexual Wellness
Immunity Boosters: Vitamin tablets| Vaporubs| Honey
Healthcare Devices: BP Monitors| Glucose Monitors/Glucometer| Thermometers|Pregnancy Test Cards| inhalers
Nutritions: Protein powders| Nutrition Drinks| Diabetes Care & Nutrition Powder
Baby Care/Mother Care: Infant Formula|Diapers|Wipes|Baby Nutrition Powders| Baby Oils|Creams|Soaps| Toothbrushs
Women Care: Hair Removal cream|Wax|Menstrual Cups|Other Beauty Products
Veterinary Care: Medicines |Nutrition

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