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Diseases are increasing in this current scenario. Thus it is very important not to get affected to these illnesses. How to prevent them before the need of cure?

Boosting up your immunity is the primary requirement. Chances of catching a disease and chances of going to a worse health state is more for a weak person. Thus boosting your Immunity is always the initial step.Let us check how to boost up our immunity.


Get vaccinated and face the illness. Vaccination is the first step. Proper entry of a viral invader boosts your immunity. The invader itself will mould your body  and prepares a battle for the virus. Your body can fight well the sicknesses. Your body will be strong enough to mild the severity of the diseases.


Sometimes the vaccination may not work. It is because vaccination can only perform when there is a vitamin deficiency in the particular individual. So it may not produce needed output. In such cases probiotics may work. But its usage is still a topic of research.


Next step is the utilisation of mask. It is not an internal procedure. Even if your body is internally different adding mask compulsorily to your accessories can increase your body health. Whether your body’s immunity is well or not wearing mask is a powerful prevention.


  • Now the analysis is that whether the simple habits in your daily routine plays any role? Yes.
  • Exercise and good nutrition is the basic factors. Consistent & high-quality sleep effects your stress level.
  • Hygienic & healthy habits will always add on you health benefits.

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