When to stop drinking water for a better sleep.

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It’s a common habit to guzzle up a cup of water whenever one available at your reach. People may not take it serious to analyze their thirst and maintain their water intake. But it’s always not good for your health.
Excess amount of water can affect your health and sleep. For a healthy state experts advise to limit your water intake.
Hydration & Health is well inter related.
Less hydration can cause tiredness and leads to serious health issues.
More Hydration can lead to high frequency of urination .This will cause more number of interruptions in between your sleep which leads to serious health issues.
An exact time cannot be fixed as each individual have different bed time.
Some may not drink water during the whole day. At night they quenches their thirst with a large sup of water, increasing the frequency of urination during the sleep.
1. Limit you sips to 8 ounces maximum
2. Consume sleep-promoting ingredients (like our blend of magnesium bisglycinate, jujube, and PharmaGABA®) to nullify the after effects from the extra fluid.
3. Maintain hydration throughout the day.
Water intake must be limited before you go to bedtime. It may differ for each individual, but maintain a gap of few hours before your bedtime. Start consuming liquids from morning onwards to negotiate your thirst at night.

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