The mother & baby relationship is a magical one. Each moment is a magical moment and must be given special care & attention. The umbilical cord is a bond of pains, struggles, and love. Thus it must be handled specially. Essential care for newborn is as important as taking care of a new mom.
Considering the Health matters also this specialty is essential.
Considering this specialty we prepare special products for you. Baby and mother health is very important and get our special products for your betterment.

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Formula for Infants

Formula For Infants

There is always special attention for the matters related to infants. In case of feeding also we take special attention It is the parent’s choice to whether breastfeed or formula feed. Breast milk is the best option but still, if the moms are unable to breastfeed then they have to opt for Infant formula. If we consider Personal comfort, Latch-on pain, Time and frequency of feedings, Diet, Maternal medical conditions, medicines,e.t.c then breastfeeding is very tough. Even though Formula feeding lacks high antibody content, are not nutrient-rich as breastmilk, highly expensive, and produces gas and constipation it is better as it is convenient, flexible, easy considering the Time and frequency of feedings and Diet. The ingredients must be chosen with special care to yield the best output. Mainly they are available as Cow milk protein-based formulas, Soy-based formulas, and Protein hydrolysate-based formulas. Our team takes special steps to give the best output for the infants.



Infants cannot control their urination & excretion. To absorb this instant and immediate action, an underwear-like diaper or nappy is used to avoid, spoiling the environment. This nappy made of cloth or synthetic disposable material has to be changed when they become wet or solid. They are used by infants, toddlers who are not yet toilet trained, and even children who have bedwetting. Sometimes adults also use diapers when they are bed-bound. We serve your medical needs even elder or younger.



Personal hygiene is a very essential factor in the case of health. But in this busy environment sometimes it is difficult to maintain them practically. Thus easy and handy products must be utilized. Wet wipes loaded with disinfecting properties are a great way to keep your hands and face clean and germ-free. These disposable wipes are made for baby care, hand washing, feminine, and personal cleansing, removing makeup, and applying products such as deodorants and sunless tanners, among other uses. But while using them we must be careful to use these wipes specifically for their intended purpose only. These scented, unscented, or fragrance-free products can be made of polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, or rayon fibres formed into sheets. According to the purpose, you can select the needed brand from our stock.

Mom and Baby

Baby Nutrition Powders

Kids or infants need an extra bit of nutrient content as this is the stage of building their body nucleus. They may need extra consumption of nutrients other than their daily diet compared to elders. When analyzing the quality of products, nutrients may not be good as natural foods, so special supplements are made for babies, infants, and kids. From our wide variety of products get the best products having a high content of Iron, Calcium, Omega-3, minerals, Vitamins, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Folates, and Fibres for your little ones.

Mom and Baby

Baby Oils ,Creams, Soaps, Toothbrush

The main struggle in taking care of infants is their cleaning tasks. In their agile body nature, it is always difficult to handle them calmly. But these tasks have a major role in their hygiene and proper body growth. Oils, Creams & Soaps with Coconut oil, Calendula, Aloe vera extract gives mild bathing tasks which keep the baby’s skin soft and gentle by maintaining the pH 5. 5. Soft toothbrushes gently clean the teeth and gums. Get our best and first products for their perfect growth as they need special care at this time of their body growth physically and mentally.

Mom and Baby

Strech Mark Creams, Oils

Not only babies but the mothers performing this precious task of giving birth must also get special care. After delivery, “striae” commonly called a stretch mark is formed which is an indication of a breakdown in the elasticity of the skin. Experts advise that over-the-counter creams rich in hyaluronic acid can keep the skin well-hydrated and help it remain more elastic. This may occur during pregnancy, during the growth of spurts of adolescence, or after weight gain or weight loss. They are of wide variety with Cocoa seed butter, Shea butter, Dimethicone e.t.c which can be applied to Stomach, breasts hips, thighs, buttocks e.t.c.We serve you a suitable product for your purpose.

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