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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum
Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Medical Distributors in Trivandrum

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Essential Products at Home During COVID-19!

Currently Coronavirus is a dangerous pandemic which changes our perspective towards life. Each individual must be very cautious while stepping out of home and must strictly use mask and sanitizer.The Covidessentials which we provide is getting more needed as we move from one phase to the next one. The scenario gets worse & dangerous when time increases. Thus powerful measures must be selected for prevention and cure.

Face Mask

It is an essential thing you must carry before stepping outside of the house. The face mask helps to keep you away from respiratory infections arriving from others.

Face Shield

Like a face mask, the face shield is a hindrance to helping your respiratory system clear from foreign bodies. It is optically clear and protects the face and mask from direct splatter.

Hand Sanitizer

In this pandemic, hand sanitiser catches the eye of everyone. Sanitiser should be at your home as well as with you while you are outside of your house. You have to keep your hands clean in this COVID situation.

Infrared Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential product to measure fever and its variation. In COVID-19 instances, measuring a body temperature from a distance provides safety from virus contamination via person-to-person contact. That’s why a temperature gun is more important in the COVID-19 pandemic than a regular thermometer.

Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter will pass beam rays of different lights through your finger and check how much oxygen in your blood pass to the ends of your body. A simple reduced lung function also can appear on this.

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant sprays are necessary to clean your cellphones, car doors, bike handles, vegetable baskets, etc. You can use it easily to clean any surface which might be exposed.

Covid Test kit

To make COVID testing more widely available, in more places at their comfort we have to make use of the Covid test kit. It is more beneficial as the individuals collect their samples without an expert’s guidance to test themselves.

First Aid Kit

Fresh times necessitate new approaches! And, in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, it's even more practical for everyone to improve their basic first-aid kit to include items that could be useful in virus-related emergency circumstances.




Trust us, Choose Us.
We want you to have a healthy life.

We take care of your medical & health needs and stand as a leading Pharmacy available at your doorsteps and the one of the top Medical Distributors in Trivandrum. With our accurate, authoritative & trustworthy performances we are confident to serve you with the best medicines effectively and safely.A proper medical support is always required to maintain your health. Not only adequate medical care services serves you but also adequate availability of medical items is an important requirement.
That is where you need us. We, 5MP PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED ,provides a wide range of medicines and health care products including health care devices, baby care, women care, personal care, sexual wellness ,health & nutritional products and veterinary medicines in the comfort of your home. You have to give us a call or send in your prescription and get all your medical requirements including covid essentials at affordable prices. What makes us one of the best Medical Distributors in Trivandrum is the regular follow up and timely reminders we undertake to meet our customer demands as a one stop shopping experience.

Covid Essentials: Covid Test Kit|Mask|Oximeter|Gloves|Sanitizer|Handwash.
Health Care:Oral Care| Pain Relief|Eye&Ear Care| Elderly Care.
Personal Care: Skincare Products: Sunscreen| Moistures| Cold Cream| Vanishing Cream| Face Wash, Scrubs| Body Wash| Body Oils| Deodrant| Talcum Powder
Sanitary Pads| Petroleum Jelly| Men’s Grooming Items|Sexual Wellness
Immunity Boosters: Vitamin tablets| Vaporubs| Honey
Healthcare Devices: BP Monitors| Glucose Monitors/Glucometer| Thermometers|Pregnancy Test Cards| inhalers
Nutritions: Protein powders| Nutrition Drinks| Diabetes Care & Nutrition Powder
Baby Care/Mother Care: Infant Formula|Diapers|Wipes|Baby Nutrition Powders| Baby Oils|Creams|Soaps| Toothbrushs
Women Care: Hair Removal cream|Wax|Menstrual Cups|Other Beauty Products
Veterinary Care: Medicines |Nutrition

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Our mission is to meet our customer demands for new items as being a one-stop shopping experience.